AVG Secure VPN Review

AVG Secure VPN Review

July 18, 2018 0 By Joe Smith

AVG Secure VPN or Virtual Private Network provides users with a secure and private Internet connection without any restrictions. VPN is able to protect the Internet connection by encrypting the connection so no one can snoop on users’ online activities. As a result, customers get a secure and private access to any site on the Internet, anywhere, anytime. VPN is a must for those who want to increase their security and privacy online.


In order to protect users’ online privacy, AVG has developed AVG Secure VPN.  AVG Secure VPN provides users with uncensored access to their favorite sites, shows, and subscription services.[1]

You think you are already safe?

If you think having antivirus and Internet security software is enough to ensure your protection and privacy online, but antivirus protection is not able to protect your privacy against cybercriminals, hackers, or those who aim to snoop your online activities. Even though you have an antivirus and Internet security software you still need a VPN service in order to receive complete protection. Antivirus and Internet security software provides protection for your devices against cyber threats, such as malware, viruses, data exploits and more, but only a VPN service is able to secure your Internet connection. If you think that you do not need VPN, think twice. Without a VPN service, users are vulnerable to cybercriminals, hackers, advertisers and even user internet service providers.


What does AVG Secure VPN offer?

  • True Privacy

AVG Secure VPN encrypts the connection, so no one can track your online activities, neither your Internet service provider, boss, or government.

  • High Security

AVG Secure VPN applies military grade encryption levels in order to keep user data secure and protected on any device, even if users are using a public Wi-Fi network. By using AVG Secure VPN users can bank and shop online securely.

  • Unrestricted Access

AVG Secure VPN prevents users from content blocks, no matter where users are located. As a result, users can watch their favorite shows, and subscription sites anytime and anywhere without any restrictions.


Still, wonder if you need a VPN service?

  • Stay safe on Public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi is very insecure and easy to hack. AVG Secure VPN protects users while browsing the public Wi-Fi and secures the connection so even the money transfer becomes safe.

  • Avoid censorship abroad

Every country has different Internet connection restrictions, so it is possible that when you are abroad you can not access your emails, social media or subscription services. However, if you connect using a VPN service, you will be able to avoid censorship abroad.

  • Access blocked content

It is possible that at work you will not be able to access some content, for example, Facebook. By using AVG Secure VPN all workplace content blocks are left in the past.

Why is AVG Secure VPN right for your Windows device?

AVG Secure VPN uses the most trusted and widely used VPN protocol available, OpenVPN for your Windows device. This VPN protocol is open source that is why users receive the reassurance that no unknown proprietary codes can access your data. In addition, to boot AVG, apply OpenSSL libraries and run the entire operation over UDP ports in order to provide users with the best speeds.

Why is AVG Secure VPN right for your Mac?

AVG macOS implementation of AVG Secure VPN applies the IPsec protocol and is built entirely on Apple’s proprietary stacks. As a result, users receive the best in performance and compatibility for Mac devices whenever you are using AVG Secure VPN.

Why is AVG Secure VPN right for your Android?

AVG Secure VPN for Android is built on OpenVPN, which is the most widely used and trusted VPN protocol available. OpenVPN is an open source which means that no unknown proprietary codes that can do anything with user data. In addition, AVG applies OpenSSL libraries and run the whole connection over UDP ports. As a result, AVG Secure VPN provides users the best speeds possible.

Why is AVG Secure VPN right for your iPhone?

AVG Secure VPM applies the IPsec protocol for iOS implementation and it is built entirely on Apple’s proprietary stacks. As a result, users are provided with a super fast connection speed each time they switch on AVG Secure VPN for iPhone.


How does AVG Secure VPN work?

After users choose to use AVG Secure VPN and connect their devices to the internet, AVG Secure VPN provides instant protection. When you connect AVG Secure VPN software for your device AVG provides you with one of AVG IP address instead of your own. Your IP address is the unique code which identifies your device. By using AVG IP address anyone who wants to snoop your online activity, are only able to see AVG server address. As a result, you set instant online privacy at the single click button.

  • Shared IP addresses

When AVG Secure VPN users connect to the Internet they all use the same IP addresses from AVG servers. This is why their traffic is impossible to pinpoint.

  • From any location

By using AVH network of global servers, users are able to appear to be located almost anywhere in the world, as a result, you can access information that might be restricted in some locations or more.

  • What about logging?

AVG does not receive any information about your online activities when you are using AVG servers. AVG is not able to track your traffic, so if someone will ask, AVG will not be able to tell.


VPN across all your devices

AVG Secure VPN is compatible with all your devices across all operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS, Android tablets and smartphones, and iPhones and iPads.

Free VPN Trial

If you are not ready to purchase or think that AVG Secure VPN could not fulfill your requirements, you can try AVG Secure VPN free trial. By downloading free trial you will be able to try an advanced VPN protection for all your devices without any risk!